Program Management Permissions

Permission setting customizable for editable roles to allow access to company settings

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About This Feature

Program management permissions allow managers and creators to edit company settings. These settings are as follows:

  • Can edit company settings

  • Can create and edit tags

  • Can create and edit triggers

  • Can create new Chrome extension mappings

  • Can create and edit lesson templates

  • Can manage the image and content libraries

Edit Program Management Permissions

To change program management permissions, select the gear icon > select Settings > select Roles > select either Manager or Creator > locate Program Management at the bottom of the page.

Program Management Permission Settings

Can Edit Company Settings

When this permission is enabled, users assigned to the role can access the following on the Settings page:

  • Notifications

  • Customization

  • API & Webhook

  • Integrations (if applicable)

  • Event Settings

  • Anonymous Login (if applicable)

  • Passwordless Login (if applicable)

  • Learning Content Settings

📝 Note: The Account Expert box only appears if the role has people management permissions and content ownership.

Can Create and Edit Tags

When enabled, users can create and edit any tags in the system.

Users with content permissions can view tags, but they are not able to edit or create new tags.

Users with content ownership can tag their content with any applicable tags (no matter the permission settings).

Can Create and Edit Triggers

When enabled, users can create and edit triggers in the system. 

Can Create New Chrome Extension Mappings

The Chrome extension permission only appears when the Chrome extension feature is enabled on an account. If this option is not available, please email Support at

For editable roles, the chrome extension mapping is only configurable when the following requirements are met:

  • People Management permission is set to:

    • Has automatic management rights for all people and groups 

  • Content Ownership permission is set to:

    • Has automatic ownership of all Lessons, Paths, and Practice Scenarios

    • Can create and edit Lessons and Paths is enabled.

When enabled, users assigned to the role can access the Chrome Extension URL Mapping page through the following workflows:

  • Select on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner > select Chrome Extension URL Mapping.

  • Navigate to a path overview page > select on "View all mapped content and URLs link," located in the Chrome Extension module.

  • Navigate to a lesson overview page > select on the "View all mapped content and URLs link," located in the Add to Chrome Extension module.

Can Manage the Image Library

When enabled, users can upload, replace, search, and delete images from the image library. 

Users who can create and edit content are able to add images from the image library to content they own or create, regardless of whether they can manage the image library.

📝 Note: Some items on the Settings page only appear if the feature is enabled on the account. Please reach out to Support with any questions.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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