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How Search Works in Seismic Learning
How Search Works in Seismic Learning

Here's how results are organized when searching the Learn page

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When searching the Learn page, keywords are matched in lesson text, titles, and descriptions. Matching results are ordered as follows:

  • Topics, when keywords match in titles or descriptions.

  • Ungrouped lessons and paths in alphabetical order, when keywords match in titles or descriptions.

  • Lesson content, when keywords match lesson text or section titles.

A Closer Look

For example, searching "product" produces a set of results in which topic cards display first, followed by ungrouped training content (by title or description), followed by ungrouped content in which keywords match lesson text (but not title or description).

Important Notes

  • In order for users to access content, it must be assigned or set as optional learning.

  • Searches are only filtered to remove beginning and trailing whitespaces.

  • Learning's search looks for exact matches. It won't attempt to correct misspellings.

  • Search data isn't aggregated, stored, or tracked.

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