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Integrate iorad with Seismic Learning
Integrate iorad with Seismic Learning

Create tutorials powered by iorad and embed them in Seismic Learning lessons

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About the Integration

iorad enables trainers to build and share step-by-step tutorials for any desktop or web application. These tutorials can then be embedded in Seismic Learning lessons.

Select this link to access an interactive guide to configuring iorad's integration with Seismic Learning.

Interactive tutorials are helpful when teaching employees a process or how to use a new feature. iorad's tutorials go beyond showing users what to do; they simulate interface actions, giving users the opportunity to learn by doing.

Pricing and Access

  • iorad for Seismic Learning Starter includes one creator license. An additional seat can be purchased for $180 per year.

  • iorad for Seismic Learning Professional includes three creator licenses. Additional seats can be purchased for $240 per year. Each creator has his or her own login credentials.

Capture Tutorials

Before you begin: You must have an iorad account to begin capturing tutorials and adding them to Seismic Learning.

You can capture tutorials via iorad's desktop application or by using a browser extension. iorad supports Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers.

After iorad is connected to Seismic Learning, you can capture tutorials right from the embed element in the lesson builder. This video outlines the capturing process.

Manually Embed Tutorials

Select the screenshot below to access an interactive iorad tutorial on manually embedding tutorials using Seismic Learning's embed element.

Editing Embedded Tutorials

Embedded tutorials can be reopened and edited in the lesson builder at any time.

Questions? Want to know more about purchasing iorad tutorials? Contact your Account Manager or the Support team at

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