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How to create custom fields on a user's profile

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What Are Custom Fields?

User profiles in Seismic Learning include several default fields that standardize information about the users in a company's account.

Custom fields allow you to expand on these default descriptors in order to convey important information about a user's role or function. Some examples of custom fields include ID numbers, phone numbers, or the business unit to which a user belongs.

Admins and users with company permissions can create custom fields.

How to Create Custom Fields

To create a custom field, open the admin menu, represented by a gear icon, in the upper-right corner of Learning's interface. Select Settings, then the Customization tab.

Locate the Custom User Field heading at the bottom of the Customization page, then click the "Add Field" button.

Custom Field Properties

When adding custom fields, you can choose how they behave in Seismic Learning by toggling three different properties. You can:

  • Make custom fields visible to the user

  • Require that custom fields be filled out when creating a new user, and

  • Include custom fields in emails

If you choose to include custom fields in daily digest emails, they'll appear as pictured below.

This screenshot shows a user's custom fields and how they appear in the daily digest emails sent to admins, managers, specified graders, and any user with people permissions and an assigned group of users.

Editing Custom User Fields

Any custom fields you create will be displayed on the user's profile page, beneath the standard fields.

To remove a custom field altogether, locate it on the Customization page, then click the X that appears when you mouse-over the rows.

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