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What Is a Linked Text Element?

A linked text element is a text element added to the Element Library but has been set as a linked element. This means when an update is made to the linked text it updates the changes across all instances where this text box lives. 

Important Note: Only text elements can be linked.

How to Link a Text Element?

Admins and users with content creation permissions can create linked text elements in the lesson builder.

First, add in a text element, and then after inputting dialogue > select on the Element Library.

After selecting the element library, a modal prompts the builder to either:

  • Create a linked element - all instances of this element are linked together. When the element is edited, changes appear automatically across all instances.

  • Create a template element - template elements start with the same content, but can be edited individually. These are good for template content and copy/paste needs.

Before saving the linked element, the builder is prompted to title the element. This helps with easier search later.

If a text box has been linked, a link icon appears above the element in the lesson builder.

How to Update Linked Elements

Updates made to elements need to be made in the Content Library. The Content Library is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Content page.

The Content Library is only accessible to admins unless otherwise stated through the Permissions page for users in the manager or creator role.

Important Note

The content library contains all elements added to the element library, however, only text elements can be edited.

To update a linked text element select the pencil icon. This opens up the element where the user can view:

  • The element name

  • If it is linked

  • When it was last edited

  • The descriptions

  • The element dialogue

  • Where the element lives

    Important Note

    Both draft lessons and published lessons will show.

After making the needed updates > select "Publish" in the right-hand corner > then a modal prompts the user to select "Publish" again confirming these updates will be made everywhere the element lives.

How to Delete Linked Text Elements

When creating a linked text element, the user can no longer edit the text element in the lesson. They are only able to edit it from the Content Library.

To delete a linked text element the admin or user with content permissions will navigate to the Content Library by selecting "Content Library" in the right-hand corner of the Content page

Then select the pencil icon next to the linked text element.

This takes the user to the element edit view where they will select the three dots in the right-hand corner > and select "Delete."

This module populates when deleting a linked text element from the Content Library. The user can either move forward with deleting the linked element by selecting "Delete" or they can select "Cancel" and the element will remain in the Content Library.

By deleting a linked text element from the Content Library, it only removes the linked element from the Content Library. The text element remains in any lessons it currently lives in but is converted back to a standard text element.

What is a Template Element

Template elements are available to access in the content library and can be updated. However, any updates made to a template element in the content library will not reflect in lessons the element lives in.

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