What is Anonymous Login?

Anonymous Login allows users to complete Lessonly content without having to manually sign in to Lessonly.

Users do not need to be manually created before accessing the content, and users' identities remain anonymous when completing content.

To have anonymous login enabled, please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com.

Locating the Anonymous Login Security Key

Once enabled by Support, an admin or users with company settings permission can locate the anonymous login security key through the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner > select Settings > select Anonymous Login

How to Build Anonymous Login Links

First, before building the anonymous link the content must be set to "Shared." To set a lesson or path to "Shared" > navigate to the content's overview page > and select "Share."

Then copy the URL > and append " ?ext_uid= " to the end of the link.

For example,


The user will need to add an "alphanumeric ID" after the equal sign such as "000001"

For example,


For security purposes, the user then must also add a security hash to the link.

How to Generate a Hash

This hash needs to be generated by the customer. A great resource is https://xorbin.com/tools/sha256-hash-calculator.

When generating a hash, the customer needs to format this hash generator with the alphanumeric ID selected and the anonymous login security key

ext_uid:anonymous login security key

For example:


Input this into the hash calculator and it generates a hash: d696bc4f173492cf78d0bfd46d05ac3e9df3ba3cb762808bc6365fdc4fbde0a8

Then add " &h= " to the URL for the start of the hash.

For example,


Steps for generating a hash link can also be found in Lessonly's Settings.

Sharing Anonymous Login Links

Once finished, the user can share the newly created URL with any non-Lessonly user and it prompts them to take the content.

After accessing the content through the link, each anonymous user is created with a unique ID and unique anonymous email.

Important Note

For existing users, each user needs a unique URL to sign in with.

Anonymous Login FAQ's

  • Q: Does each piece of content need its own unique URL?

    A: Yes, each link works for a single lesson or path. If there are multiple lessons or paths a user needs to take, there must be a separate link for each of the pieces of content.

  • Q: What happens if a user was previously logged into Lessonly with an email and password and then selects on an anonymous login link?

    A: If a user is currently logged in (after previously following an Anonymous Login link for example) then ext_uid is ignored and they will access the lesson or path with their login credentials.

If you have any questions please email Support at support@lessonly.com

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