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Automatically push data from Learning to third-party apps

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About This Task

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks triggered by some event. To put it another way, webhooks send real-time data from one piece of software to another, automatically. Training uses webhooks to send training data to third-party platforms such as CRMs and data visualization tools.

Before You Begin:

  • You must have permission to edit company settings.

  • You must have implemented a webhook subscription. See this article for information on enabling webhooks in Learning.

How to Create a Reporting Webhook

To set up a reporting webhook, you must supply the following information:

  • A callback URL for the web service endpoint. Only one can be used.

  • An optional value passed in the authorization header. This value is passed exactly as written. If this field is left blank, the system will assume the authorization header can be left out.

Learning provides the following information in JSON format. When a lesson is completed, Learning will POST this data to the callback URL you specified. You can store as much or as little of this information as you want.

  • user

  • ext_uid (if your company is using external user IDs)

  • id

  • name

  • email address

  • any custom field info

  • lesson

  • lesson id

  • lesson title

  • retake_score (as an integer between 0 and 100)

  • score_percent (as a decimal between 0 and 100)

  • started date

  • completed date

  • assigned date

  • report card URL

If the POST call fails, it will automatically retry up to three times every five minutes. If the POST call fails 3 times in a 15-minute duration, it will stop retrying until new data is available to POST.

To manually POST new data, the customer's developer or engineer can manually make the call to POST to their callback URL after they resolve/troubleshoot why the POST is failing.

Sample Webhook Payload

Sample cURL Command

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