What is a Reporting Webhook?

Lessonly's reporting webhook allows customers to send Lessonly training data to a third-party platform able to store it.

A reporting webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback (or small code snippets linked to a web application) triggered by specific events. Whenever the trigger event occurs in the source site (Lessonly), the webhook sees the event, collects the data, and sends it to the URL specified by the customer in the form of an HTTP request to the third-party platform.

Information Provided by the Customer

The customer needs to provide two pieces of information:

  • A Callback URL - for their web service endpoint. Only one can be used.

  • An Optional Value - this is passed in the Authorization header. The authorization header value is passed exactly as written. If this is field is blank, the system automatically assumes the authorization header can be left out.

Information Lessonly Provides

Lessonly provides in JSON format, we will POST the following data to the Callback URL. The customer can then store as much or as little of this information as they would like.

  • user

  • ext_uid (if a company is using it)

  • id

  • name

  • email address

  • any custom field info

  • lesson

  • lesson id

  • lesson title

  • retake_score (as an integer between 0 and 100)

  • score_percent (as a decimal between 0 and 100)

  • started date

  • completed date

  • assigned date

  • report card URL

When a lesson is completed, Lessonly POST this data to the callback URL. If the POST fails, it retries again up to three times every five minutes. If the POST call fails 3 times in a 15-minute duration, it will stop retrying until new data is available to POST.

To manually POST new data, the customer's developer or engineer can manually make the call to POST to their callback URL after they resolve/troubleshoot why the POST is failing.

Sample Webhook Payload

Sample CURL Command

Important Note: Customers must have a new subscription in place in order for the reporting webhook to work.

Questions? Contact the Support team at support@lessonly.com

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