Reassign and Restart Lessons

Reassign lessons and reset content learners have already completed

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You can reassign learning content from one of two places: in the Assign module or from the lesson or user overview page.

  • The assign module gives you more control over how content is reassigned.

  • The overview page gives you more efficiency; it's the quickest way to reassign content.

Reassign Lessons from the Assign Module

When you reassign a lessons, you can choose whether to restart a learner's progress. Doing so restarts the learner at the beginning of the lesson, and resets any learning activities they've already completed. Separating the restart function from reassignment gives you more control over the content learners are required to complete.

  1. To restart a learner's progress, select Assign, and then locate the lesson you want to reassign.

  2. Select Select Assignees to select the learners or groups you want to reassign, and then select Schedule Assignment.

  3. Choose an assign date and, optionally, a due date, and then select Review and Assign.

  4. In the Ready to assign? dialog, choose whether to send learners a reminder by email, and then select "will be restarted" from the second dropdown menu.

If you elected to send learners a reminder, they receive an email like the one pictured below.

Note: It's not possible to restart progress on a single question, or to restart progress on some questions but not others. All progress must be restarted, or none at all.

Reassign Lessons from the Overview Page

Navigate to the lesson or user overview page, and then select View All next to Completed assignments in the lesson activity bar chart.

Find the lesson you want to reassign, and then select Reassign.

Optionally, add a due date. Select Anytime from the dialog window...

...and then select a date from the calendar module.

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