How to Restart a User on a Re-Assignment

By default, when re-assigning a user content they have already completed the user won't be restarted. This means any quiz questions are not able to be answered again until they are re-started.

To re-start a user, the assignor can do so in the "Assign" module. On "Review and Assign," the assignor needs to switch "When re-assigning a user content they have already completed" to "will be restarted."

Resending a New Email Notification on the Re-Assignment

For the user to receive a new email notification of the re-assignment "People who already have this content assigned" needs to be set to "Will Receive a Reminder."

Important Note

When re-assigning content, users cannot be restarted for only one question. The user has to answer all of the questions in the lesson again.

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