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Format HTML Text in Assignment Email Messages
Format HTML Text in Assignment Email Messages

The assignment email message allows some customizability when sending assignment updates to users

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Edit the HTML in Optional Email Messages

By default, Seismic Learning email messages cannot be customized. However, the assignor can include an optional email message when assigning content.

This optional message can be customized with HTML.

Under Review and Assign the assignor can insert their message and add additional styling to the text of this email.

The following HTML codes are supported:

  • Paragraph: <p></p>

  • Italic: <i></i>

  • Bold: <b></b>

  • Underline: <u></u>

  • Strikethrough: <s></s>

  • Font Color: <p style="color:yellow"></p> 

For font color use either hex or RGB codes.

A Customized Email Message Example

Here is an example of a customized email message.

To preview the message select Preview Email.

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