What Lives in the Archives?

Archiving is Lessonly's version of deleting. There is not a way to hard delete items in Lessonly. This way admins and users with people and content permissions can restore users or content when needed.

The below items are able to be archived and restored:

  • Lesson

  • Paths

  • Certifications

  • Events

  • Users

  • Custom Groups

  • Smart Groups

  • Practice Scenarios

Searching for Items in the Archives

Admins and users with content and/or people permissions can search by items to help with locating users or content easier.

Once the user has navigated to the Archives, they need to select the filter for the item they are looking for.

The filter options are:

  • Lesson

  • User

  • Event 

  • Custom Group

  • Smart Group

  • Path & Path Certification

  • Practice Scenario 

Important Notes

  • When using the search bar it will only search for the filter applied.

  • There is not a "Search-All" option. Meaning a filter must first be applied before searching.

  • Users must be searched for by name. Email does not work in the archives.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com. 

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