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Configuring SCIM for Azure Active Directory
Configuring SCIM for Azure Active Directory

Allow Azure AD to create, update, and remove users in real time

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Configuring SCIM for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (SS0)

Seismic Learning doesn't support auto-provisioning for Azure Active Directory SSO, but this can be configured by a customer's technical support team.

Important Note: Because this integration is not officially supported by Learning, the Support team can offer only limited assistance.

Helpful Resources

These documents from Microsoft will help you configure provisioning in Azure AD.

And here is documentation on creating and managing user identities in SaaS apps and cloud-based human resources (HR) applications.

Learning's API Endpoint

Use this endpoint when configuring SCIM for Azure AD:

To ensure the configuration is set up properly, review Learning's API documentation here.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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