Configuring SCIM for Microsoft AD

Currently, Lessonly does not support auto-provisioning for Azure Active Directory SSO however, this set-up can be configured by the customer's team.

Helpful Resources

Listed below is helpful documentation from Microsoft's website to help a customer begin setting up the configuration:

1. How Provisioning Works

2. Configure SCIM Provisioning for Microsoft Azure Active Directory
3. Customizing User Provisioning Attribute-mappings for SaaS Applications in Azure

4. Active Directory

5. Application and HR Provisioning Documentation

And included here is a directory for app provisioning.

Microsoft documentation website is full of supplemental information as well:

Lessonly's API Endpoint

Additionally, to ensure this configuration is set up properly, the customer will want to review Lessonly's API documentation here as another resource.

The endpoint for this feature is

Important Note

Since this is not an integration supported by Lessonly's platform the help Support can lend is limited.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at

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