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Report Technical Difficulties with Recorded Practice Questions
Report Technical Difficulties with Recorded Practice Questions

When users run into technical issues on recordings, provide the ability for them to submit feedback.

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To enable this feature, please reach out to Support at

Without this feature, users can skip practice recording questions without specifying the reason as to why they skipped.

If this feature is enabled, practice media recording elements feature a "For technical tips, check out this article or submit feedback" option located below the recording and upload buttons.

Selecting the "article" link opens this resource - Troubleshooting for Recording Functionalities in a new browser tab.

How to Submit Technical Feedback

Selecting "Submit feedback" opens the "Report Technical Difficulties" modal where the user can select the type of issue they are experiencing and include a description of the issue in the text field.

After choosing the issue and providing a description, "Submit Feedback" becomes enabled. Once Submit Feedback is selected, the recording is marked as skipped.

Users can continue moving forward with the lesson or select "Try Again" if they want to reattempt the recording.

Training Content Settings

After this feature has been enabled, a toggle option reading "Allow learners to skip media practice questions (video, audio, screen share) if they have technical difficulty," is available under Settings > Training Content Settings.

By default, users are able to skip audio, webcam, and screen recording elements in lessons. If a customer would like to prevent users from being able to skip a practice question, the checkbox needs to be unchecked.

When the checkbox is disabled, recording elements in lessons can not be skipped after selecting Submit Feedback.

Before proceeding, the user must wait to hear back from their admin or manager on the next steps in resolving their technical issues.

Technical Feedback Email Notification

When "Email the person who assigned the lesson..." is enabled, Learning sends an email notification when users submit feedback through the Report Technical Difficulties modal.

Who receives the technical feedback email notification?

  1. If the lesson was directly assigned, the email is sent to the assigner.

  2. If the lesson was assigned through a group trigger or a shared link, the email is sent to the lesson expert (if applicable).

  3. If an expert is not listed, the email is sent to the lesson creator.

  4. If the creator has been archived, the email is sent to

Showing Technical Feedback In Learning

When a user submits technical feedback and can skip the media recording element, Learning displays the reason for skipping in the grading station, one learners' report cards, and in an email notification.

Grading Station View

Once the skipped recording has been moved into the grading station, under "Given Answer" a note states why the recording has been skipped.

Report Card View

On the user's report card under "Given Answer," a note states the recording was skipped and why.

Graded Lesson Email Notification View

In the email users receive after a lesson has been graded, a note indicates recording elements being skipped and the reasoning why.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the default settings of the aforementioned functionalities?

A. "Allow learners to skip media practice questions..." is enabled by default. "Email the person who assigned the lesson..." is disabled by default.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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