Are Users Auto-Logged Out?

Will users be auto-logged out of Seismic Learning after a certain amount of time?

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Default "Remember Me..." Message

The default behavior enabled for all accounts shows "Remember me on this computer for 2 weeks." This is standard for all new users who log in and set up an account for Learning.

If a customer wishes for this timeframe to be customized, please reach out to Support at

Customizing the Timeframe

When a custom value anywhere from 2 - 336 hours (2 weeks) is in place, after a user exits the browser if they do not navigate back to Learning within the allotted timeframe, they are asked to log back in.

If a custom timeframe is enabled but a time has not been set the "Remember me" box defaults to two weeks. If the "Remember me" box is not checked, the user will be required to log in after exiting the browser each time they come back.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at

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