Clearing Your Cache and Cookies

A great route for troubleshooting is to have the user clear their cache and cookies. But what does this mean and how does a user accomplish this?

What are the Cache and Cookies?

When visiting websites, the browser saves specific information to a computer’s hard drive in what is called the “browser cache.”

Most of the time, this is a positive because it will speed up the browsing experience. However, this same cache can cause problems for a browsing experience if specific elements have been saved to the computer's hard drive and need to be removed.

That’s when the cache may need to be cleared out.

Below are the steps on how to clear the cache for each major browser:

How to Clear Cache In Chrome

How to Clear Cache In Mozilla Firefox

How to Clear Cache In Safari

How to Clear Cache for Internet Explorer

How to Clear Cache In Chrome

  • On your computer, open Chrome.

  • At the top right, select the three dots.

  • Select "More tools" > select "Clear Browsing Data."

  • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select "All time."

  • Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.

  • Select "Clear data."

How to Clear Cache In Mozilla Firefox

  • Select the menu button (hamburger icon) and select "Preferences."

  • Select the "Privacy & Security" panel.

  • In the "Cookies and Site Data" section, select "Clear Data…"

  • Remove the checkmark in front of "Cookies and Site Data."

  • For more information about managing site data, check out Manage local site storage settings.

  • With the "Cached Web Content" checked, select the "Clear" button.

  • Close the "about:preferences" page. Any changes made automatically are saved.

How to Clear Cache In Safari

  • To clear the browser cache for Safari, there are two options.

    • To clear your entire browsing history (including cookies and visited pages), the quick approach is to open Safari → History → Clear History:

    • The second route to take is to only empty Safari’s browser cache. To do this, first enable the "Develop" menu by navigating to "Preferences" → "Advanced" > checking the "Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar."

    • Once doing this, navigate to Develop → Empty Caches.

How to Clear Cache for Internet Explorer

To clear the browser cache for Internet Explorer, first select the gear icon in the top right to access the Tools menu.

Then, find "Safety" > select "Delete Browsing History" from the submenu.

The menu can also be accessed by using the shortcut: "CTRL + SHIFT + DEL."

Internet Explorer will open a popup. Make sure to only select the "Temporary Internet files and website files" box to avoid clearing important information.

Then, select "Delete" at the bottom.

Now What?

After taking the above steps to clear your cache and cookies, Lessonly recommends doing a hard refresh to your browser.

How to hard refresh for each browser:

  • Chrome, Firefox, or Edge for Windows:

    • Press Ctrl+F5,

    • OR Shift+F5,

    • OR Ctrl+Shift+R)

  • Chrome or Firefox for Mac:

    • Press Shift+Command+R.

If you are still running into issues after clearing your cache, please reach out to Support at

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