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Host Lessonly Events on Zoom
Host Lessonly Events on Zoom

Allow users to join events via Zoom invite and track their attendance

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How to Integrate Lessonly with Zoom

When creating Events, admins and users with event permissions enabled can include a Zoom meeting for users to easily access the event virtually.

To enable Zoom with Lessonly, select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of Lessonly > select Settings > scroll to the bottom of My Account > and select Connect under Zoom.

After selecting Connect, the user is prompted to sign in to their Zoom account, and authorize the set-up.

After selecting Authorize the user is redirected to My Account in Lessonly with a confirmation message of the successful set-up.

Adding Zoom to an Event

Once Zoom has been enabled, the option to set the location of an event as a Zoom meeting becomes available.

On the Event screen in the Location section > select the Zoom Meeting option.

💡 Tip: If the Zoom integration has not been enabled, a button that reads "Connect to Zoom" will appear.

Once all the event details have been input (title, date, time, location), > then select Create Event and Zoom Meeting. The event is created with a Zoom meeting and the default Zoom preferences.

User Point of View

When users are invited to a Zoom Event, they'll receive an email invitation containing the event details and the Zoom meeting link.

Users can join a Zoom Event from the Event Details page.

After being invited to an event, users can access their upcoming events by navigating to Learn > select My Training Events > select the event and users can join the meeting by selecting Join Zoom Meeting.

The Zoom link is also included in the calendar details if the users opts to add the event to their calendar.

How to Uninstall the Zoom Integration

To disable the Zoom integration, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Zoom > navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
2. Select Manage > search for Lessonly.
3. Select the Lessonly application.
4. Select Uninstall.

Attendance Tracking with Events <> Zoom

Attendance Tracking for an event automatically tracks user attendance through Zoom records when the event ends.

Important Note

If the Zoom <> Lessonly integration was set up prior to 08/24/2020 the customer needs to refresh the integration, as Lessonly requests some additional user data from Zoom to be able to complete the attendance tracking. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of Lessonly > select Settings.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of My Account.

  3. Select Refresh Connection under Zoom.

Verify Attendance Tracking when Creating an Event

When creating a new event with a Zoom meeting and attendance tracking is enabled the user can view how attendance tracking works. If the event creator does not see Automated Attendance Tracking, please reach out to Support at

Important Note: The organizer must have a Pro Zoom Account or higher (no Basic accounts) to use the attendance tracking feature. This is a Zoom restriction.

How Attendance Tracking Works

A few minutes after the Zoom meeting associated with an event ends (not the Lessonly Event end time itself), Lessonly receives a message from Zoom with the list of meeting attendees.

If the email address of a user on Lessonly's guest list matches the one in a Zoom account, the guest is marked as Attended.

If a user on the guest list replies Accepted to the event, but their email is not located in the Zoom list this user is marked Unconfirmed.

If a user on the guest list either did not RSVP or Declined the event and their email is not located in the Zoom list they are marked Did Not Attend.

Important Note: If any user does not have an email address associated with their Lessonly account, attendance tracking won't work (ie. companies with username-only users).

Manual Overriding Attendance Tracking

Once attendance tracking has been pulled from Zoom, the users Attendance column is marked accordingly.

Users with access to the event overview page can override the attendance manually.

Select the down Arrow icon next to the attendance value > select the updated attendance.

Manually Re-Sync Attendance

In some rare instances the Zoom meeting and Lessonly event may end without properly updating the attendance values.

If this occurs, a Retry link displays above the guest section for the user to select and fetch the attendance record.

Note: This feature is only available to the user who created the Zoom meeting. This is in accordance with Zoom's security guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do guests have to RSVP in order for their attendance to be tracked?

A. No, but the user must be invited to the event and appear on its guest list. In other words, the email address registered with Lessonly must match the one registered with Zoom account. When these email addresses match, Lessonly records the user as having attended the event. Invitations aren't necessary to track attendance in events hosted by other video conferencing software.

Q. Can this integration be used with a free Zoom account?

A. Yes, the Zoom with Lessonly Events integration can be used with free Zoom account. However, the meeting lengths and user cap limits still apply.

Q. Does Zoom for Lessonly support webinars?

A. No, Lessonly is limited to Zoom meetings only.

Q. How do I adjust my meeting settings?

A. Lessonly creates meetings with the default Zoom settings. To update meeting settings, the default preferences need to be updated in Zoom.

Q. When attempting to install the Zoom integration this error populates "You cannot authorize the app. It requires pre-approval by your account admin."

A. This error means your company's Zoom account settings require the account admin to authorize new apps before they can be downloaded. Zoom account admins can "pre-approve" the Lessonly app in Zoom. This allows any user under in Slack to download the integration.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace as the Zoom account admin.

  2. Search for the Lessonly app and select the Lessonly icon.

  3. Select the "Pre-approve" status toggle.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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