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Copy Lessons, Paths, and Certifications

Create copies of the content in your Seismic Learning training library

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Copy lessons

Copied lessons are independent of their original versions. You can edit or assign a copy without altering the original lesson. You can also copy lessons that contain eLearning files, but the file itself must be uploaded separately.


  • You must have permission to create and edit content.

  • You must own the original content.


  1. On the Content page, select the lesson you want to copy.

  2. Select Copy Content from the command bar. A blue banner appears at the top of the screen with the words "Copying draft contents of lesson..." Within a few seconds the banner should turn green, confirming that your copy was successfully created.

  3. Return to the Content page and search for the title of the original lesson you just copied.


The original lesson and its copy appear in the content library. Copied lessons are denoted as such by "(copy)" at the end of their titles, and they belong to the person who copied them.

Copy paths and certifications

Copied paths contain the same content as original paths.

  • Title with "(copy)" appended

  • Description

  • Step order

  • Cover image

  • Workspace, if enabled

  • Wait steps

If the path is a certification, the badge is also included.


  • You must have content editing permissions.

  • You must own the original content.

  • You must have a published path. Paths with placeholders and paths in a draft state cannot be copied.


  1. On the Content page, open the path or certification you want to copy.

  2. Select Copy from the settings menu on the overview page.


The copied path is added to your Content page in a draft state, with "(copy)" at the end of the title. Copied content belongs to the person who copied it.

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