How to Copy a Lesson

First, locate the lesson you want to copy on the Content tab. Select its title to open the lesson overview.

This screenshot shows lessons and paths on a user's Content tab.

Select Copy Content from the command bar.

This screenshot shows the Copy Content button, located in the command bar of the lesson overview.

A blue banner that reads "Copying draft contents of lesson..." will appear at the top of the screen. Within a few seconds the banner will turn green, confirming that your copy was successfully created.

This screenshot shows the green confirmation banner that appears when lesson contents have been successfully copied.

Return to the Content page and search the title of the lesson you just copied. The original lesson and its copy will appear. Copied lessons contain "(copy)" at the end of the title.

This screenshot shows what copied content looks like on the Content tab.

Copied lessons are independent of originals. You can edit or assign a copy without altering the original lesson.

๐Ÿ’ก Important Note: SCORM lessons cannot be copied, but you can upload the same SCORM package under different lesson titles.

How to Copy a Path or Certification

Open the path or certification you want to copy from the Content tab, then select Copy from the settings menu on its overview page.

This screenshot shows the location of the Copy button on a path's overview page.

The copied path will be added to your Content tab in a draft state. Copied paths contain "(copy)" at the end of the title.

This screenshot shows the green confirmation banner that appears when path contents have been successfully copied.

Copied paths contain the same content as original paths:

  • Title (with "(copy)" appended)

  • Description

  • Step Order

  • Cover Image

  • Workspace (if enabled)

  • Wait steps

If the path is a Certification, the badge will also be included.

๐Ÿ’ก Important Note: Paths in a draft state cannot be copied, nor can paths with placeholders. Only published paths can be copied.


To copy content a user must have content editing permissions and own the original content.

This screenshot shows the module on the lesson overview page that contains the name of the lesson's creator, when the lesson was created, when it was last edited and by whom, and when it was last published (version information, also).

Copied content belongs to the person who copied it.

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