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Apply Your Brand Colors in Seismic Learning
Apply Your Brand Colors in Seismic Learning
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Brand colors create a consistent and recognizable identity that your customers can easily remember. You use these colors in your marketing materials, and you can use them in Seismic Learning too. Here's how.

Before you begin: You must have permission to edit company settings.


  1. Select the gear icon > Settings.

  2. Select Customization.

  3. Under the Stylize heading, enter the hex value of your company's primary brand color, or select the color picker to browse myriad options. Select the arrows in the color picker to cycle between hex, RGB, and HSL values.Primary colors appear on buttons and active-mode indicators throughout Seismic Learning's interface.

  4. Choose a style for system text; make it light or dark. By default, Seismic Learning applies whichever color contrasts best with your brand color.

  5. Repeat steps four and five to set a secondary brand color.Secondary colors appear on callouts and lesson progress bars.

  6. Set a custom link color by entering a hex value or selecting a color from the picker.

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