What is Gong?

Gong Revenue Intelligence platform captures customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email. It can record what was said in these interactions, and deliver insights to help your team win more deals.

How do Gong + Lessonly work together?

With Gong's Embed Player, you can embed gong calls (or snippets of calls) directly into Lessonly lessons.

One of the best ways to help employees learn is by showing them “what good looks like.” With a number of our customers, they are linking call recordings directly into their Lessonly lessons.

How to embed Gong calls?

Listed below are the three simple steps to take to embed a Gong call:

Step 1: Within Gong, find the call you want to embed. In the top right, select Share Call > Embed Call.

Step 2: Decide if the entire call should be embedded, or just snippets of the call.

If you are using a snippet, you will select the time frame you wish to embed. Either way, once selected, copy the call/snippet code by selecting the “Copy Code” button.

Step 3: Once in the lesson builder in Lessonly > select the "text element" > then select Edit HTML. You will then paste the code you copied from Gong, and then hit the Edit HTML button again to exit out of the HTML window:

NOTE: When you’re viewing the snippet within the lesson builder, it may look sliced in half. This is OK! For your learners, it’ll fit the screen correctly. You can always confirm this by selecting the “Preview” button at the top of the lesson builder screen.

After selecting Publish in the lesson builder, you’re all set to start assigning out the lesson to your learners.

For additional questions or if you run into any issues, please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com.

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