How Do Skills and the core Lessonly Application Work Together?

  • Where do "Skills" live and does the customer only need one login?

    Yes, the user only needs to log in to the core Lessonly application. When Skills is part of the customer's package all users have access to Skills. The user can switch from Lessonly to Skills through the application switcher in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

  • How will the Skills application work alongside the Lessonly core application?

    Skills remain a separate application.

  • Can Practice data feed into Skills?

    Practice is part of the core Lessonly application allowing users to practice in real-time, while Skills measures the user's overall performance on the skill at hand.

    Essentially, Skills and Practice data cannot be aggregated.

  • How does Lessonly track multiple teams utilizing workspaces, but only one team has purchased Skills?

    Workspaces are not applicable to Skills.

  • Is Skills mobile-friendly?

    Yes, Skills can be accessed on a smartphone, iPad, tablet, and desktop.

  • If a user is moved from Group A to Group B, and then Group A is archived is this user's skill reviews carried over to Group B?

    No, currently Skill data for users and assessments are group-specific instead of Skill specific. Meaning when a group is archived, the skillsets are also archived with it. To restore a user's skill reviews, the group will need to be restored.

How is Skills Data Gathered?

  • Is Skills data included in Lessonly's open API?

    No, Skills data is not included in Lessonly's API currently.

  • Is a user able to see all skill data related to a user in one place?

    Skill data for users (including assessments) are tied at the group level instead of tied to the individual skill set. Therefore, any skill data associated with a user when assigned to Group A cannot be seen when reviewing the same user’s skill data in Group B, and vice versa.

How Does User Management Work with Skills?

  • Will users be able to leverage the existing group structure?

    Yes, please check out the "Setup Skills in a Group" article to learn more.

  • Do roles from the core Lessonly application carry over to Skills?

    Yes, the user's role stays the same in both applications.

  • When people are archived and then restored, does their skills data return?

    Yes, a restored user’s data is brought back in both the core Lessonly application and in the Skills application.

  • If a user is archived in Lessonly, what happens to this user in Skills?

    When a user is archived in Lessonly they are archived from Skills as well.

  • Can a customer remove users from the Skills app to bring down their user count?

    The Skills application is tied to Groups. If Group A with thirty users is attached to the Skills application and is assigned a skillset the user count goes up by thirty active users.

    To decrease user count, the customer should ensure no skills are tied to a group.

    Important Note

    Keep in mind, when a skill is assigned to a single user since skill data is tracked at a group level it counts the entire group as the active user count.

What is the Skills User Model?

  • What happens if a Skills user leaves a company mid-month?

    When a user is archived in Lessonly, they are archived in Skills. This prevents the user from logging back into the platform. The archived user will not be counted as an active user in the following calendar month.

  • How is user data managed from Lessonly to Skills?

    User management in the Skills application is done through the core Lessonly application by leveraging custom groups or smart groups. Check out this article, "Skills in Lessonly" for more information.

  • Do admins and managers have to be Skills users to have access to grade and/or observe skillset assessments?

    If a user isn't set up in a group with associated skills or is set as an admin of Skills they won't be able to view Skills data.

    With that being said, a user in the manager role needs to be set as the designated manager of a group with associated skills then the user can view their assigned group(s) of users' skills data.

    Admins can view all user's skills data.

How Is Lessonly Content Related to the Skills Application?

  • How does Skills "Recommended Content" work?

    Please check out this article, "Recommended Content" for more information.

  • Can content be assigned from the Skills app?

    Yes, Lessonly content can be assigned through a coaching plan. For more information on coaching plans, check out this article "Skills - Coaching."

  • Does content ownership carry over for "Recommended Content?"

    There is no connection to the ownership of content from Lessonly to Skills.

  • If a customer is leveraging content in platforms outside of Lessonly, could they use this content in the Skills application?

    Yes, customers can recommend content outside of Lessonly using the external link option. For more information on including external links, check out the article, "Skills - Coaching."

Miscellaneous FAQS

  • Does Lessonly recommend a cadence or accompanying strategy for how many skills should be tracked, frequency of assessments, etc.?

    In the Skills application, there are descriptions of each of the different assessment types. The cadence and frequency of when skillsets are assigned is left up to the customer.

    Some best practices could be:

  • For Skillset Reviews, Self-Reflections, and Performance Metrics:

    • Lessonly recommends these be reviewed quarterly, but also understanding each business might have a unique cadence.

  • For Observations:

    • The best practice is to complete at least two of these skills for each rep per month.

  • How many Skills should be created?

    • Lessonly recommends anywhere between ten and twenty as a general rule of thumb.

    • More than twenty skills and users might get too granular.

    • Less than ten, and the customer may not be breaking skillsets down enough.

  • Skills are meant to capture functional skills (a mix of soft and hard skills) for the role. Skills aren't intended to capture items such as alignment with company values.

  • Is Average Skillset Review just the sum of the other 3 criteria points? Observation, Reflection, and Metrics?

    Check out this article, "Skills Scoring Calculation" for more information.

  • Does Lessonly provide suggested skills to consider using or is this a blank slate, entirely custom for each customer?

    Skills include fifteen available pre-made skills in a company's Skills Library. Those fifteen skills are focused on sales-oriented skills to help a customer get started.

    For more information on potential skills, Lessonly provides this helpful article from our Professional Services team sharing tips on identifying skills and competencies.

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