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Before setting up a coaching plan, it might be a good idea to learn more about how to map recommended content in this article.

Why Create a Coaching Plan?

The purpose in mind behind coaching plans is to help with improving a certain skillset.

To help provoke a change in the performance of a specific skill, an organization may provide time dedicated to learning and practicing a skill through a coaching plan to continue improvement.

How to Create a Coaching Plan

To create a coaching plan, admins or managers with shared content ownership can navigate to the "My Team" page > select "Assess & Coach" > then choose "Coaching Next Steps."

The admin or manager needs to select the group and user the coaching plan is for, and then select "Submit."

On the coaching plan editing page, the user needs to fill out:

  • The skill the coaching plan is focused on.

  • Additional comments about why the skill is important

  • Including an action item for the user to complete:

The Content Types in a Coaching Plan

  • Skill Content

    Skill content provides the user the option to include lessons, paths, or certifications

    Important Notes

    • Only mapped content for the chosen skill is available to select from the drop-down.

    • Managers only see content made available to them through shared ownership.

    When choosing the content, the user can include a due date (if applicable). When a due date is applied the normal cadence of reminder notifications is followed: seven days before the due date, one day before, one day after the due date, and seven days after.

    Any additional reminders would need to be manually sent out.

  • Skill Link

    Skill links provide the user the option to include external links

    Important Note

    Skill link will be greyed out if an external link has not been mapped to the chosen skill.

    A due date can be included for the external link, but notifications are not sent to users when an external link is included.

  • New Task

    A new task provides prompts the user to insert the title of the task, a description of the task, and optionally a due date for the task. Notifications are not sent to users when a task is included.

    After filling out the fields, select "Submit Coaching Plan.

How to Complete a Task for a Coaching Plan

Once assigned, the coaching plan displays on the "My Skills" page under "My Tasks."

To complete the coaching plan, depending on what is being requested the learner has two options:

  1. If the coaching plan includes content to complete the user will select the link of the content navigating them into the lesson, path, or certification.

  2. If the coaching plan includes completing an external link or a custom task, the user will check the box in the "My Tasks" module notating they have completed the request.

In both scenarios, once the user has been marked as complete, the task is removed from the "My Tasks" section, and shown on the "My Skills" page under the "Overview" tab.

How to Locate a Completed Coaching Plan

An admin or manager can locate completed coaching plans by navigating to the
"Team" page, and scroll down to "Recent Activity" on the "Overview" tab.

The admin or manager can then select the user's name to view a more detailed report of the items the user completed when taking the coaching plan.

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