Who Can See the Team's Page?

The "Team" page is visible to admins, managers of skill group(s), or evaluators of skill group(s).

This allows users in enablement leadership positions the ability to view groups and individuals on a high overview of how they are progressing or areas of weakness.

How to Filter on the Team Page

Depending on the user, they may have access to a variety of groups.

The user can switch from group to group by selecting the drop-down bar to view all the accessible groups or they can select multiple groups at a time.

If multiple groups have been selected, each group shows below the toggle fields.

The user can adjust the time frame by selecting the date filter and toggling to:

  • All Time

  • Last 30 Days

  • Last 90 Days

  • Or a custom date range

How to Filter By a Custom Date Range

When choosing a custom date range, a pop-up modal appears allowing the user to input the intended time frame they are wanting to view.

Important Note

This timeframe only reflects the length the customer has been using Skills.

Skills Team Overview

On the Overview tab, there are three modules with specific data sets:

At a Glance

Provides each skill and the breakdown of the different assessment types and scores in the form of a bar graph.

At A Glance helps admins or managers pinpoint where there might be drastic differences in scores.

When hovering over each bar in the bar graph more data is revealed to show the "Skillset Self-Reflection" score, and the "Skillset Review" score based on the completed users for the specific skillset.

Skill Levels

Provides the aggregate scoring across all assessment types for a specific group.

Admins or managers have the ability to select a particular skill to view more detail if needed.

After selecting a certain skill, the user is navigated to the "Skill Detail" page.

The user can view a table showing each user's skill level from the group as well as a chart at the top showing any progress or regression of the group quarter over quarter (calendar quarters).

The user has the ability to toggle between different time intervals when viewing a skillset over time. Users can view data aggregated by:

  • Quarter

  • Month

  • Week.

Recent Activity

Provides the user with a list of recently completed assessments or newly created coaching plans.

By selecting a user's name, the admin or manager is navigated to the overview page of the specific assessment.

To learn more about how to launch an assessment, check out this article.

What is the Team Members Tab?

The Team Members tab shows:

  • A list of the users in the group.

  • How the members are doing at a high level.

  • If there are any incomplete assessments or incomplete tasks for a user.

By selecting a user, the admin or manager is navigated to the user's overview page. This page looks similar to the team page but shows specific data for the individual.

Skills Data Across Groups

If a user changes teams or is removed from a team, any skills data attached to the team member is retained.

If a person is/has been a part of multiple teams, the admin has the ability to view all their skills history across groups at the same time.

How to Archive a Group

πŸ›‘ To archive a group in Skills, the group needs to be archived in the Lessonly core app.

This then removes the group from Skills. Once a group has been removed from the Skills application, it can only be restored in the Lessonly core app.

Any assignments remain in place when archiving and then restoring a group and any scheduled assignments repopulate once the group is restored.

Archived users will no longer show up on the team member list but their assessments data will still be there and used in the aggregated data.

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