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Add Related Content to Skills
Add Related Content to Skills

Link lessons, paths, or certifications to coaching plans in the Skills app

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About this task

You can supplement the skills in your library with related content from Seismic Learning. Related content may include lessons, learning paths, or certifications. Linking to related content gives learners the information and tutelage they need in order to understand, practice, and eventually master a given skill.


  • You must have Skills administration rights.

  • You must have training content to attach to a skill.


1. Select More actions (…), and then select Skills Library.

2. Choose from the following options:



Create a new skill

Select Create New > Create New Skill

Edit an existing skill

Select the skill from the Skills Library table

3. Select Add Related Content, and then select the search field. Your training content appears in alphabetical order. Browse this list or search for known items by entering a few keywords.

4. Optional: Select Add External Link to attach related content from the web.Add an optional link title and a valid URL. You can add as many external links as you want.

5. Select Save Changes at the top of the page.

What to do next

Assign the related content you selected when creating coaching plans.

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