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What is Recommended Content?

When creating a coaching plan, creators can link to recommended content from the core Lessonly application. Recommended content can consist of lessons, a path, or a certification.

Recommended content can only be linked to coaching plan assessment types.

How to Add Recommended Content to a Skill

Before recommended content can be added to a coaching plan, it must be attached to a skill. To do this, click the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner, then select Skills Library from the list.

On the Skills Library page, select the Create New Skill button, or edit an existing skill by selecting it from the library.

On the Create New Skill (or Edit Skill) page, scroll down to locate the Add Related Content module. Within the module, under the heading Attach Content, you'll see a search field that reads "Type to Search Content." Clicking anywhere in this field will populate a list of the learning content in your core Lessonly account. Select a course from this list, or jump to a known item by searching a few titular keywords.

You can also associate skills with external resources such as articles or videos by selecting Add External Link.

Selecting this will refresh the module with two fields: one for the URL of the external content and one for an optional title.

To remove an external link, click the trash can icon alongside it. ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ

After Linking Content, Now What?

After linking content, the user can take two different actions: browse skill content or assign a coaching plan.

Browse Skill Content

An admin or manager can navigate to the "Team" page > select "Assess & Coach" > and then choose "Browse Skill Content."

The user can then choose a skill from the dropdown menu.

If the content has not been mapped to the selected skill it reads "There is no recommended content here, yet!"

When content has been mapped, the title of the content appears under "Learning Content."

Important Note

Keep in mind, only the skills set up for the chosen group are shown in the dropdown meu.

To preview the mapped content, the user can select the title of the content.

Once the user has reviewed skill content, they can exit by selecting "Close."

Assigning a Coaching Plan with Recommended Content

Admins or managers can assign a coaching plan with mapped content. For more information on creating and assigning a coaching plan, check out this article.

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