Where is the Skills Library?

The Skills Library is located in the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Skills application.

How to Manage the Skills Library

When navigating to the "Skills Library," the user can view pre-existing skills and the groups assigned the skill.

How to Edit Pre-Existing Skills

If a user wants to edit a pre-existing skill > select the skill name > this opens the skill's edit page.

From here, the user can edit:

  • The Skill Name

  • The Expectations

  • The group(s) the skill is available to,

  • Any attached content or external links.

After making the needed updates > select "Save Changes" in the upper right-hand corner.

How to Create a New Skill

From the "Skills Library" page, users can create new skills by selecting "+ Create New Skill."

Once selected, similar to editing a pre-existing Skill, the editing page opens.

The editor then is prompted to include:

  • The Skill's Name

  • The Expectations

  • The Category (if applicable)

  • The Group(s) the skill is available to.

  • Any attached content or external links.

  • A performance metric (if applicable).

Then select "Save Changes."

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