What is Performance Metrics?

Performance metrics can have a high correlation to indicating the success of a certain skill for organizations.

For example, the average discount rate a sales rep might have could be an indication of how good they are at negotiation.

Lessonly is able to provide the ability to allow admins to set up performance metrics and connect them to Skills. This way users can then complete assessments with this data.

How to Create and Edit Performance Metrics

An admin can create a "Performance Metric" by selecting on the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner > then selecting "Performance Metrics."

On the "Performance Metric" page, > select "Create New Metric."

The user is taken to the performance metric set-up page prompting them to insert the below information:

  • Metric Name (required)

  • Description

  • Select the skills it connects to

  • What type of metric is it:

    • Number

    • Percentage

    • Currency

  • Setting the Ranges for each rating (required)

How to Set Performance Metric Ranges

When setting performance metric ranges, the user has the option of selecting:

  • "low-to-high"

  • "high-to-low"

The user can then input the values into each rating. If the orders are not in the correct numerical value, an error populates.

Once the required fields have been filled in select "Save Changes."

Ratings can be edited at any point in time.

After Setting Up a Performance Metric, Now What?

After a new performance metric is created, the admin or manager can navigate to the "Team" page > select "Access & Create," > then select "Create Assessment," > and under "Choose Assessment Type" > the option to select "Performance Metric" populates.

A performance metric can be assigned to one specific user or all individuals in a group.

Once a user or a group has been selected, the admin is navigated to a new page prompting the user to select from the current performance metrics.

In the drop-down "Which performance metrics would you like to input?" the user can choose the metric the user(s) would be assessed on.

Once assigned, the admin can view the assessments on the "My Tasks" page.

Similar to the other skillsets, once assessed the user is prompted to share the assessment with the user.

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