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Assessment Type: Skill Set Review
Assessment Type: Skill Set Review

How to create a skill set review and rate users on a specific skillset.

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What Is a Skillset Review?

Skillset reviews are intended to be general assessments of users over a specific set of skills. These reviews generally speaking should be completed once a quarter. The timing can vary depending on the business cadences of the organization.

How to Complete a Skillset Review

To create a skillset review first, check out this article.

Once a skillset review has been created the admin can locate the review on the "My Tasks" page.

Select the user to assess and this opens the review assessment scorecard page.

The evaluator can rate the user on a 1-5 scale and provide any additional comments.

After grading each skill and leaving additional comments, the user selects "Submit Assessment."

Important Note: If the evaluator wants to finish grading the skillset, they can select "Save Draft" and come back at a later time to finish.

How to Share a Skillset Review Assessment

Once the evaluator has completed grading the review and selects Submit Assessment the user is prompted to share the assessment with the learner.

If the evaluator chooses not to share the assessment, they are able to go back at a later date and select Share Settings.

A module populates prompting the evaluator to select Share with [user name].

Once selected, a link populates for the evaluator to copy and share with the user.

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