What is a Skillset Review?

Skillset Reviews are intended to be general assessments that are completed once a quarter. This timing has potential to vary depending on the normal business cadences of the customer.

Completing a Skillset Review.

To find out how to start or kickoff a Skillset Review Assessment, check out this article here.

Once a Skillset Review has been started or requested, the admin will be able to view it on the Team page under Team Members tab > scroll to Assessments > select on the Skillset Review

This will navigate the admin or manager to the scorecard where the Evaluator can rate the user on a 1-5 scale while also having the ability to provide comments.

After filling out the ratings and/or comments, the admin or manager will select Submit Assessment and then they will be prompted on if they wish to share the assessment with the user:

If the admin or manager chooses not to share the assessment at the moment, they are able to go back at a later date and select Share Settings.

Either route will prompt the user to this modal, and select the box that reads "Share with USER NAME." The admin or manager will copy the link and share with the user for them to review:

If you have any further questions about a Skillset Review, please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com.

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