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Assessment Type: Skill Set Self-Reflection
Assessment Type: Skill Set Self-Reflection

How to create a self-reflection assessment for users to self-assess themselves on their abilities for a skill.

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Skill set reviews allow you to group the abilities that define a given role and assess them in one place. For example, suppose you're evaluating an account manager. You might want to assess her rapport with clients, her communication skills, and her strategic thinking and problem solving. You can add these skills to a review and then assess them on a quarterly basis or whichever cadence your organization has adopted for performance reviews.

How to Complete a Skillset Self-Reflection

To create a Skillset Self-Reflection, check out this article first.

After creating a self-reflection assessment and requesting a user to complete the assessment, the learner can locate the assessment on the My Task page.

On the skill set review scorecard, you can rate each skill in the set on a five-point scale, giving learners a sense of the current level of competency. You can also leave comments to explain the reason for your rating, suggest growth opportunities, or highlight other noteworthy aspects of the learner's performance.

After filling out the ratings, and adding any additional comments, select Submit Assessment.

πŸ“ Important! Each rating field needs to be filled in before the Submit Assessment button becomes active.

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