1. What is a Skillset Self-Reflection?

  2. Learner Point of View - How to Complete a Skillset Self-Reflection

  3. Submitting a Self-Reflection, Now What?

What is a Skillset Self-Reflection?

Skillset Self-Reflections is when the user self-assess themselves on their own abilities.

This assessment is intended to be a general assessment completed once a quarter. The timing could vary depending on the business cadences for the organization.

Learner Point of View - How to Complete a Skillset Self-Reflection

To create a Skillset Self-Reflection, check out this article first.

After creating a self-reflection assessment and requesting a user to complete the assessment, the learner can locate the assessment on the "My Task" page.

Selecting on the skillset self-reflection takes the user to the assessment experience.

Skillset self-reflections have the pre-determined skills listed for the user to rate on a 1-5 scale and leave additional comments.

After filling out the ratings, and adding any additional comments the user select "Submit Assessment."

Important Note -

Each rating field needs to be filled in before the "Submit Assessment" button becomes active.

Submitting a Self-Reflection Assessment, Now What?

After selecting "Submit Assessment," a modal populates prompting the user to navigate back to the "My Skills" page.

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