What is a Skillset Self-Reflection?

Skillset Self-Reflections are when the person is self-assessing on their own abilities for each of the skills for their group. It is intended to be a general assessment that is completed once a quarter. This timing could vary depending on the normal business cadences for the company.

Completing a Skillset Self-Reflection

Once a skillset self-reflection has been requested a user can see it on the My Tasks tab.

Selecting on a Skillset Self-Reflection will take them into the Assessment experience.

Skillset Self-Reflections will have all the skills listed for the user to rate on a 1-5 scale while also being able to provide comments optionally.

After filling out the ratings, and potentially adding any additional comments the user will click Submit Assessment.

Important Note - all rating fields will need to be filled out before the "Submit Assessment" button is clickable.

After selecting Submit Assessment, the below modal will pop up and the admin or manager can navigate back to their Skills page to continue assessing or moving onto the next action item.

If you have any further questions about a Skillset Self-Reflection, please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com or let's keep moving along by checking out the next article, Skills - Skillset Observation.

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