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How Skill Level Scores Are Calculated
How Skill Level Scores Are Calculated

This article explains the equation by which skill level scores are obtained

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Curious how scores in the Skill Levels module are calculated? This article explains the operations behind the numbers.

Average Scores by Assessment

Suppose there are two members on a team, John and Bill, who earn the following scores from their observation assessments.

First, the Skills app averages user assessments of the same type. In this example, John earned a 2 and a 3 from observations of his negotiation skill, producing an average score of 2.5 (2 + 3 / 2).

Bill only has one observation score, so there's nothing to average. His score of 4 is added to John's average score for a sum of 6.5 (2.5 + 4). This sum is then divided by the total number of users, producing an average observation score of 3.25. (6.5 / 2).

Average Skill Level Scores

To calculate scores for the Skill Levels module, we must find each team member's score across all types of assessments, and then find the average score of all team members.

John's score for the negotiation skill is 2.625, rounded down to 2.6. We arrived at this figure by taking the average of his observations (2 + 3 / 2 = 2.5) and adding that figure to the scores he earned from other assessments: 3, 3, and 2 respectively, for a sum of 10.5. This sum is then divided by the total number of assessments, 10.5 / 4, producing an average score of 2.6.

When this figure is added to Bill's lone score of 4, it produces a sum of 6.6, which, divided by the number of users on the team, produces a team score of 3.3.

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