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What is the Product Feedback Portal?

At the product feedback portal, customers and prospects can review a roadmap of planned product updates, beta features, and recently launched functionalities. Customers can also submit feedback through the portal, sharing their ideas and hoped-for features with Lessonly by Seismic's product team.

Where is the Product Feedback Portal Located?

The Product Feedback Portal is linked from the gear icon menu in the upper-right corner of Lessonly's interface.

When selected, the user is directed to this page. You can bookmark this page for easy access.

What Is in Productboard?

There are four tabs in the portal:

  • Under Consideration

  • Planned

  • Beta

  • Launched

Under Consideration

The modules living in Under Consideration are all features the Lessonly Product team is considering on implementing into the Lessonly platform.

When selecting on one of the modules it pops out and allows users to vote on how important this feature would be for them and their organization.

The three available options are:

  • Nice to Have

  • Important

  • Critical


Similar to Under Consideration, but these are features the Lessonly Product team have already decided upon and are currently working to implement into the Lessonly application.

Each feature can be voted on when selecting on the module. The user is provided with the three available options to select from - nice to have, important, and critical.


Labs/Beta lists out all current projects the Lessonly team is actively working on. These are features that have potential to change overtime and are often being tested by active customers.

💡 Note: Interested in a beta feature? Tell your Account Manager! They'll be happy to chat through next steps.


The Launched tab lists out Lessonly's past product updates for the prior year.

Product Requests / Feedback

For all product requests and feedback, this can be done by selecting on "+ Submit Idea" in the upper right-hand corner.

When selecting "+Submit Idea" a modal populates prompting the user to input their idea in the body of the element, how important this feature would be, and their email address.

All product feedback ideas are sent directly to the Lessonly Product team to review.

The Lessonly team is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our platform! Each request is received and reviewed by a Product Manager and if they have any questions, they will reach out directly to the submitter of the request.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at

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