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Export Skills Data

How to pull Skills data into an easy-to-read report

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About this task

Admins and managers can export data from the Skills application to a CSV file to manipulate and distribute at their discretion. The following information is included in the report:

  • Group name

  • Person evaluated, name and email address

  • Evaluator name and email

  • Assessment submitted date

  • Assessment type

  • Skill name

  • Skill description

  • Rating

  • Comment

  • Any additional standard or custom fields


You must have Skills administration rights.


  1. Select More actions (…) icon in the upper-right corner, and then select Export Data.

  2. In the Export Data window, select the team and time period for which you want assessment data.You can see data from the last 30 days, the last 90 days, or from a time period you specify.

  3. Select Export.A green banner confirms receipt of your request.


Exported data are delivered by email. In the email body, select Download CSV Now to access your report. Download links expire 12 hours after they're issued.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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