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Embed Chorus Calls in Learning
Embed Chorus Calls in Learning

Connect Chorus to Learning and leverage the power of every interaction

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Chorus is a sales-focused conversation intelligence solution that:

  • records, transcribes, and analyzes meetings

  • differentiates between speakers in the same room

  • identifies next steps and sends follow-up summaries via email

Best of all, you can embed Chorus calls in Learning to model what excellent sales calls look like!

How to Embed Chorus Calls in Learning

In Chorus, locate the call you want to embed, then select Share in the upper right corner.

Use the handlebars to create a call snippet, then select Save & Copy Link. The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Thereafter, you can edit or delete any clips you've created under the Snippets tab. You can also copy snippet links from this menu.

In Learning, navigate to the lesson builder. Select Add Element, then choose the Text element. Select Edit HTML to open the HTML editor.

Insert the following code...

<iframe src="insert the link to your call here" style="width:100%; height:700px;"></iframe>

...then replace the dummy text with the URL of your Chorus snippet.

Keep the quotation marks around the URL or the call won't load correctly. Select Edit HTML to close the editor.

Voila! You've just embedded a call snippet.

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