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Archive or Restore Groups

Retire groups that outlive their usefulness, or bring them back from the grave

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Archive a Group

To archive a smart or custom group, select it from the People page. From the group's overview page, select Group Details.

On the Group Details page, select Archive from the command bar.

The group will be moved to your account's archives. Archiving a group won't archive its members. Those users will remain active, as will their learning and completion data.

πŸ“ Note: Group names must be unique. This includes the names of archived groups. Seismic Learning will throw an error if you attempt to create a new group with the same name as an existing group, whether the group is active or archived.

Restore a Group

Visit the Archives to restore archived groups. Your account's archives can be found in the lower right corner of the Content and People pages.

In the Archives, filter by Group or Smart Group to quickly locate the group you want to restore.

Select the group to open its details page, then select Restore from the command bar.

Group members will be automatically reinstated.

Note: Any triggers connected to a group are removed when that group is archived. These triggers must be manually recreated after the group is restored.

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