Skill Categories

Group related skills and assess them together as a composite skill set

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About Skill Categories

Organize the skills in your library by adding them to categories. Categories group related skills, allowing you to assess a learner's competency across all of the skills that define a given role.

Create a New Skill Category

Select the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner, and then select Skills Library.

In the Skills Library, select Create New > Create New Category.

In the dialog, enter a category name, select the skills you want to categorize, and then select Save Changes.

A green banner displays, confirming creation of your new category...

...which is also visible in the Skills Library.

Edit or Delete Skill Categories

Select the dropdown chevron next to Create New Skill > Edit Categories.

In the Edit Category dialog, select the category you want to edit.

Update the category name, the skills it contains, or delete the category altogether.

Finally, select Save Changes.

Skill Category Visualization

To see skill assessments by category, navigate to the Team page, and then select View by Category in the Skill Levels pane.

How Do Skill Categories Work with Assessments?

  • Skillset Reviews: Categories tied to the review are listed in alphabetical order; associated skills are enumerated below the category.

  • Skill Observations & Self-Reflections: Selecting a category auto-populates all skills associated with an observation.

  • Performance Metrics are not affected by categories.

Note: You cannot assess a category. Assessments are performed on individual skills.

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