What are Skills Categories?

Skills admins can create "Categories" to organize skillsets in the Skills Library. Categories enhance skill organization for a more optimal experience while in the Skills Library.

Where are Skills Categories?

Navigate to the "Skills Library" by selecting the menu (☰) icon in the upper right-hand corner. Admins, managers and users can view skill data via category or individual skill.

How to Create Categories

Once on the Skills Library page > select the drop-down arrow next to "Create New Skill," > and select "Create New Category."

A module populates prompting the admin to input a category name and include any pre-existing skills to this category.

Skills included in a specific category are displayed on the Skills Library overview page.

How to Edit Categories

Once a category has been created they can be edited by selecting on the drop-down arrow next to "Create New Skill," > select "Edit Categories."

Then select the category to edit.

The title of the category can be updated, skills can be added or removed, or the category can be deleted altogether.

After updates have been made, select "Save Changes."

Skill Category Visualization

On the "My Team" page, admins, managers, and users can view skill data either by "Skill Category" or "Individual Skill."

By default, this page is set to show individual skills, but can be toggled in the drop-down option > and selecting "View by Category."

How do Skill Categories Work with Assessments?

  • Skillset Reviews

    • Categories tied to the review are listed in alphabetical order with each tied skill underneath.

  • Skill Observations & Self-Reflections

    • When selecting a category it auto-populates all the skills tied to this category into the observation. To remove a skill from the observation select the particular skill and it will remove it.

  • Performance Metric

    • Is not affected by categories.

You cannot assess a category. Assessments are carried out at the skill level.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com.

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