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Integrate Kallidus with Seismic Learning
Integrate Kallidus with Seismic Learning

Kallidus syncs new hire data with your Seismic Learning account

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Kallidus (formerly Sapling) connects an organization's people, tools, and data on a uniquely customizable HCM platform, automating onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

Why Connect Kallidus and Seismic Learning?

The Kallidus platform helps HR and People Operations teams automate and streamline administrative tasks so they can focus on employee experience, retention, and creating an amazing culture for the most successful teams.

With the Seismic Learning integration, Kallidus will:

  1. Create users: When a user completes preboarding they are automatically created in Seismic Learning.

  2. Update user attributes: When a user attribute is changed in Kallidus, the corresponding user profile in Seismic Learning is automatically updated.

  3. Deactivate users: When a user is offboarded in Kallidus, the corresponding user in Seismic Learning is archived.

  4. Link users: Link all existing Kallidus team members to a user account in Seismic Learning based on email address.

πŸ“ Note: This integration does not work retroactively. Kallidus users created before enabling the integration won't be created in Seismic Learning automatically and they need to be manually created in Learning to establish the sync for those users' profiles.

How It Works

This diagram gives you sense of the Kallidus workflow and where Seismic Learning fits within it.


Connect Learning with Kallidus

For illustrated step-by-step instructions on enabling the integration, please see this article from the Kallidus Help Center.

Questions? Contact the Kallidus Support team or email Seismic Learning Support at

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