How to Authenticate a Domain

Taking the extra security step to ensure emails are being successfully delivered to users.

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What is Authenticating a Domain?

Authenticating a domain in Seismic Learning verifies the email being sent from Learning is in fact, being sent from Learning.

When a user with assigning permissions assigns out content, the learner receives an email notification as if it came from the assignor's email address. Depending on the company's email settings, these messages may be treated as spam since they originate from Learning, not the assignor's own computer. This is a common problem for applications sending email notifications.

The most commonly used email authentication standards are SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Why Authenticate a Domain?

If a company has reviewed the Ensuring Email Deliverability lesson, and this lesson doesn't meet the needs of their email settings they will want to take the route of authenticating their domain through Learning.

The Process of Authenticating a Domain

To begin the process of authenticating a domain, please reach out to Support at

A member of the Support team can then begin the process of authenticating the domain through Learning's email provider, SendGrid. Learning needs to be provided a main point of contact during this process to ensure the authentication is verified from the customer's end.

๐Ÿ’ก Important Note: Unless otherwise requested, Learning's Support team will use the custom DKIM selector "lly." You are welcome to create your own three-character value, however. Please include this code with your request.

Once all steps have been taken on Learning's end, an email is sent to the point of contact with the below message:

Hi, this is the Seismic Learning Support team. We are trying to authenticate your domain with SendGrid, but I don't have the ability to modify your DNS records. Can you help me add these records so that I can complete the process?

The point of contact has 48 hours to confirm the DNS records or the link will expire. Once confirmed, then Learning Support verifies the set-up in SendGrid and it should be all set.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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