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Assigning Post-Event Follow-up Content
Assigning Post-Event Follow-up Content

Send attendees lessons, quizzes, or surveys that build on the events they attend

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When a training event concludes, instructors can reinforce key learnings by assigning related lessons, quizzes, or surveys. This follow-up content can be selected in advance of an event and also after an event concludes.

Admins and users in roles with automatic rights to all users and content can add follow-up content to an event. Users with only limited rights to users or content cannot add follow-up content to an event. This ensures you do not create a loophole in which users with limited people or content rights are able to add or assign content they don't own or assign content to users they don't manage.

πŸ“ Important! Follow-up content is not automatically assigned. Once an event concludes, the event facilitator must select Assign to Attendees to perform this action. More on this below!

Adding an Assignment to an Event

When creating a new event or editing a future event, the event editor has the ability to include a path, lesson, or certification to the event.

After selecting a content type, a dialog allows the editor to search for and select the content to be included.

The content is then listed in the follow-up content module. The assigned button is disabled until the event concludes.

Once the event has passed, the Assign button is enabled for the instructor to go back and assign the content.

Before assigning the content, the instructor needs to mark users as attended or not. When the list has been updated, the instructor can then select Assign.

The content will only be sent to users listed as having attended the event.

Important Notes

  • Follow-up assignments are sent immediately. Currently, it's not possible to schedule them.

  • Attendees who've already completed assigned content will not be restarted.

  • Any attendees who are marked as having attended an event will automatically receive the assignment.

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