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How to Integrate SalesScreen with Lessonly
How to Integrate SalesScreen with Lessonly
Gamify learning with recognition, competitions, and rewards
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Why Integrate SalesScreen with Lessonly?

SalesScreen is a gamification platform motivating sellers by celebrating their success, encouraging camaraderie, and making recognition fun through gamification.

Learn more about SalesScreen here.

The SalesScreen <> Lessonly integration, teams is a read-only integration meaning SalesScreen only reads/receives Lessonly data through the Lessonly REST API and webhooks.

SalesScreen receives notifications of completed lessons in real-time.

Setting Up the Integration

To begin setting up the SalesScreen <> Lessonly integration, the user needs to have admin rights in both platforms.

Then in SalesScreen, navigate to Manage > Settings > Integrations and scroll to find Lessonly in the list of available integrations. Select "Integrate."

After selecting integrate, the user is prompted to authorize the integration by entering the Lessonly subdomain and API key.

Important Note: The Lessonly API key and subdomain can be located in Lessonly under the gear icon > select Settings > select API & Webhook

SalesScreen then validates the API Key and configures the integration. A default workflow receiving completed lessons automatically is added.

Integration Video Tutorial

These instructions are also available as a video walkthrough (~11 minutes).

Importing Lessonly Users (Optional)

Once the authorization has been completed, the user is presented with a list of their current Lessonly users. They can then choose to import those users to SalesScreen or map existing SalesScreen users to their Lessonly account.

When importing users this creates a SalesScreen account for them, and they are mapped to their corresponding Lessonly account. Check user(s) in the list and select "Add Users."

To skip this step select "Continue to workflows."

Mapping Users

Mapping existing users allows teams to connect a Lessonly user to an existing SalesScreen user with their email or name.

Select "Map Existing."

Then select "Confirm" to link the users' accounts.

Important Note

Customers can manage Lessonly user imports at any time from here:

Manage > Settings > Integrations > Manage Lessonly > Settings > Import Users


After either successfully importing users or skipping the import process, the user is then navigated to the workflows dashboard.

The workflow dashboard presents an overview of a team's currently active and inactive workflows and serves as the main integration dashboard.

A workflow presents the records of what is received from Lessonly and then visualized in SalesScreen.

Workflows can be created, modified, paused/resumed, and terminated at any time from the workflow dashboard.

Managing Activity Types

Activity types can be managed by navigating to Manage > Activity Types. There is an activity type called "Lessons."

Select on the gear icon, to create, edit, or update the data fields being tracked through the workflow.

Reporting in SalesScreen

Once installed, managers can review data for their team’s lesson completions by navigating to "Reports" > and selecting the Lessons activity type.

SalesScreen Celebration

Admins can set up a celebration for completed training by navigating to Manage > Activity Types > Lessons > Completed Lessons and selecting whether to show the completed lesson in the feed or as a popup on the screen. Then select "Save Changes."

If admins want to change the wording of the celebration when it appears on the feed or on-screen, they can do so in the textual presentation section.

Adminis can set up competitions around lesson completion by navigating to Competitions > select "Type of Competition" and then following the prompts to plan the competition.

Terminating the Integration

At any point, the integration can be terminated. To do so, navigate here, then select Manage > Settings > Integrations > Manage Lessonly > Settings > Terminate Integration.

Terminating the integration deletes all workflows; SalesScreen will no longer be authorized to access Lessonly data. Furthermore, the Lessonly webhook will no longer notify SalesScreen about completed lessons.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about SalesScreen? Please reach out to Brittney Moseley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager:

For integration inquiries, please reach out to Marius Ekerholt, Chief Product Officer: or Simon Hordvik, Product Director:

For any additional support on syncing specific data to a workflow, please reach out to the SalesScreen support team at

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