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Create Role Templates in the Skills App
Create Role Templates in the Skills App

Create and assign skillsets for each role in your organization

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Role templates describe the skills that certain roles require. Take sellers for example. Sellers need strong interpersonal skills, and they must listen actively. They must be persuasive. Role templates allow you to identify these skills, define them, and attach them to teams in your company.

Before you begin: You must have Skills administration rights.

Create Role Templates

First, select the ellipsis icon, and then select Role Templates.

Select Create New Template to open the template builder, and then follow the steps below.

1. Define Role

In the template builder, enter a role name or title. Optionally, assign the role to one or more teams. Click into the combo box to reveal a list of teams, or search teams by name.

2. Assign Skills

Next, assign skills to teams within the role. Managers and evaluators can assess their teams and create coaching plans for these skills.

Note: You can add new skills from this dialog by selecting Create New Skill. Doing so opens the skill builder in which new skills are named and defined.

3. Set Assessment Standards

Optionally, clarify the meaning of each score that learners earn for their work. You must assign a skill before you can define its standards.

Scores range from 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5 (exceptional). Managers and evaluators use these standards to guide their assessments. To define a standard, answer the prompt in each field: What does it mean to be exceptional at this skill?

If you've already defined standards in another role template, select Copy from Another Template to import your work.

Note: You cannot change the standards of excellence in the rubric. In other words, a score of 4 is one that "exceeds expectations," and this language cannot be customized.

4. Save Changes

When you're finished, return to the top of the template builder and select Save Changes. Learners in the teams you selected will be assigned each skill in the role template. If learners are assigned the same skill from several role templates, they'll only see the skill once on their dashboard.

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