What are Role Templates?

Role templates are a way for Skills admins to easily create and group skills together in what is called a "Role Template."

Role templates are a way to quickly assign pre-determined groups of skills to groups of users.

How to Create Role Templates

Skills admins can locate "Role Templates" in the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Once on the "Role Templates" page > select "+ Create New Template."

The admin can then fill in:

  • The name and role of the template.

  • Assign the group(s) for the template to be available for (optional).

  • Assign skills associated with the template.

  • Define Assessment Standards.

Then select "Save Changes."

After the role template has been saved, the users in the selected group(s) have the skills in the template assigned to them.

If a user has the same skill assigned to them from multiple role templates or has had a skill assigned and then re-assigned from a role template, the user only sees the skill once on their dashboard.

Important Note

Editing a template results in a change across ALL GROUPS assigned to the template.

Defining Assessment Standards

When grouping skills into role templates, the admin can provide more context for each scoring to help guide users who are assigned the skill.

Each score level (1-5) has a text box located below for the admin to input guidance.

By selecting "Copy from Another Template" the admin can input guidance already provided from other role templates.

Important Note

The user is not able to customize the label of the score (ie. 5 = Exceptional).

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