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Integrate Gong with Seismic Learning
Integrate Gong with Seismic Learning

Embed Gong calls within Seismic Learning content

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About the Integration

Gong Revenue Intelligence platform captures customer interactions across phone, web conferencing, and email. It can record the interactions and deliver insights to help teams win more deals.

With the Gong <> Seismic Learning integration, gong calls or snippets of calls can be embedded directly into Learning content using the Gong Call element in the lesson builder.

Set Up the Gong Integration

This integration can be enabled by a Seismic Learning admin or a user with company settings permission.

First, select the gear icon in the upper right corner, and then select Settings.

Next, select Integrations, then locate the Gong integration and select Install.

Once the integration is installed, select Enable.

Upload a Gong Call in Seismic Learning

Once the integration is enabled, content creators can add Gong Calls to lessons using the Gong Call element.

In the lesson builder, select Add Element, then select the Gong Call element.

In the text field, paste the URL of a Gong call, and then select Submit.

To update a call select Try Again in the upper right corner of the element.

Locate the Gong Call URL

You can find the URLs of Gong Calls by selecting a video, and then selecting Share Call in the upper right corner. Select Embed Call, then copy the call's URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if a user does not have Gong access and attempts to watch a Gong call in a lesson?

A. The user will see a prompt to Sign in to Gong to access this page. The user is not able to view the call if they do not have a login. Seismic Learning recommends only adding Gong calls to lessons intended for users with Gong access.

Q. Which Gong URLs can be used in the Gong Call element?

A. The integration supports using the URL from the browser, the Embed Call URL, and the Share Internally URL.

Q. Can users search for a specific keyword or phrase in an uploaded Gong call?

A. Users can search for keywords and phrases used in a Gong call from inside the lesson builder.

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