How to Share Lessons Across Organizations

Share content from one company to another when they are under the same organization.

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What are Organizations?

An Organization is an umbrella structure in Seismic Learning under which connecting company accounts can be linked together. As an example, Seismic is the parent company of Learning, therefore Learning and Seismic are related.

When companies are related, they may want to share specific content between accounts. To connect two accounts, please reach out to Support at

What is Sharing a Lesson Across Organizations?

A lesson can be shared between companies under the same organization by admins only.

To share content, navigate to the lesson overview page. The user can select the companies they would like to share with from the dropdown list. All companies within the organization appear in the dropdown regardless of whether or not the admin user has login access to those companies.

How to Access a Shared Lesson

When a lesson is shared between companies, the receiving company only has distribution permissions for the content.

When a lesson is shared with a sister company, users with permission to all content can view the lesson on their Content page.

Users with content permissions can:

  • Add additional distributors

  • Assign the content

  • Tag the content

  • Set the content as optional learning

When a lesson is shared between two companies, any updates published to the lesson are visible to all users across all companies where the lesson is accessible.

Can Shared Lessons be Copied?

The receiving company of the shared content can create copies of the shared lessons.

By creating a copy of the lesson provides the receiving company full ownership and editing rights to the copy. The copied lesson does not receive any updates made to the original lesson.

How to Remove Access to a Shared Lesson

To remove access to a shared lesson, an admin will navigate to the lesson overview page > select "Share" > select "X" next to the company name in the share menu.

After removing lesson access to a company, all users lose access to the content.

Shared Lesson Data & Reporting

Lesson completions and assignment data are not transferred between companies when the lesson is shared.

For example, if a lesson is shared from Company A to Company B, only users in Company B are able to view data related to completions occurring in Company B.

Likewise, in Company A, users can only view data related to completions occurring in Company A.

Company A users cannot see completion data occurring in Company B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a company be removed from an organization?

A. Companies must belong to an organization, but you can change the organization they belong to. Please reach out to for more information.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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