This feature is being beta tested.

Currently, the dashboard is only available to standalone Lessonly customers. Joint customers (Seismic + Lessonly) will have access in Spring 2023.

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What is the Embedded Insights Dashboard?

The Embedded Insights Dashboard is a tool to provide useful metrics for admins, managers, and creators with a clear overview to answer their most important questions on performance and engagement along with offering them strategic insights into their team’s overall achievement's.

Important Note

If you are an Admin viewing this new Dashboard, please check out this article for the Embedded Insights Dashboard (Admin View)

Where is the Embedded Insights Dashboard Located?

This dashboard is embedded under the existing Insights tab and is available to users with people management permissions set to Can be granted management rights for people on a group-by-group basis.

What Does the Embedded Dashboard Contain?


At the top of the page is a team summary. This summary provides some instructions for using the dashboard and some a high level high-level metrics around overdue assignments, assignments awaiting grade, completion rates and assignment scores.

Selecting on any of these widgets with an arrow icon in the top left corner opens up a window with a spreadsheet listing the raw data associated with the metric being chosen. Additionally, selecting the three dot icon that appears when hovering over the metric allows the user to download a CSV of the raw data.

Team Performance

Below the summary is the Team Performance section. This is a snapshot of how learners are consuming training, how it ties to due dates and performance over time.

At the bottom of the page lists the group or groups the manager manages. It allows the user to compare their groups against each other in several metric areas. The user can sort this by selecting any of the column headers. The data can be exported using the three dots in the top right of the widget itself.

Additionally, when right-clicking on a group in the table, it allows the manager the ability to select 'Learner' and view all individuals in the group.

Lastly, there are filters on the right side of the dashboard allowing users to adjust the data displayed in the dashboard. All of the widgets on the dashboard respect the filters and filters can be bundled together to create a more nuanced view of the data.

Important Note
The dashboard will update once daily, overnight. Creating new groups, archiving and other changes will not reflect on the dashboard until the following day.


Q. Who will be able to view this new Dashboard?

A. Anyone with people management permissions set to "can be granted management rights for people on a group-by-group basis" have the ability to view this dashboard.

Q. How do users give feedback on the Insights Dashboard?

A. In the upper right-hand corner of the Manager Insights Dashboard, under the Assign button, there is a speech bubble with the text "Give Us Feedback".

Q: Does this dashboard work in all browsers?

A. This dashboard is optimized for Chrome, but does work in other common browsers like Firefox or MS Edge. Some users may experience errors when attempting to use the dashboard in Safari. If this happens, we suggest opening the dashboard through Chrome to resolve the issue.

Q: Does this replace the Insights tab as it exists today?

A. No. While this dashboard is embedded in the existing Insights tab, viewers have the ability to revert back to the existing version of the Insights page by selecting the "Switch Back to Current Version" link at the top left corner of the page. This will revert their view back to the current version of Insights. If they ever want to return to the Training Program Overview Dashboard view, they'll be able to click the "Switch to the new version" link at the top left corner of the Insights page.

Q. Do the filters have a default setting or time frame?

A. Yes, the filters will default to searching the last 90 Days

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