A New Way to Navigate Your Learning Content

Since Lessonly's inception, users have navigated learning content by means of arrows located on either side of the interface.

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As part of our ongoing effort to improve accessibility and device compatibility, these arrows have been replaced with anchored navigation buttons, as pictured below.

As with the navigation arrows, learners move through learning content by selecting the Previous Section or Next Section buttons. They can also navigate a lesson by means of the left and right keyboard arrows, just like before.

Additionally, the Finish button has been replaced with one that reads Complete Lesson.

This change in nomenclature makes it more clear what will happen when learners click the button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I liked the arrows! Why have they gone away?

A. The navigation arrows were replaced with anchored buttons to make Lessonly conformant with the best practices of responsive web design. The new interface allows users to easily navigate learning content regardless of device (desktop, mobile, iPad). What's more, the buttons have greater visibility, especially when lessons have background images.

Q. Can I choose between arrows and buttons?

A. Alas, no. Because anchored buttons will improve navigation for most Lessonly customers, the interface arrows will be retired after December 17, 2022.

Q. What should I do about lessons that reference the navigation arrows and/or the finish button?

A. While there is no way to globally find and replace each instance of "finish" or "arrows" in your training content, your AM/CSM can tell you which lessons are affected, down to the precise snippet of text. Additionally, you can use service hours to enlist help updating your lessons.

Q. You said this change is due in part to improve accessibility. Does Lessonly support other keyboard shortcuts to help learners with disabilities?

A. Yes! See this article for a complete rundown of keyboard shortcuts.

Questions? Contact the Support team at support@lessonly.com

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