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Seismic Knowledge Product Changes
Seismic Knowledge Product Changes
Lessonly Knowledge is now Seismic Knowledge! Here's what's changed.
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What’s Changing?

Lessonly Knowledge has been relaunched as Seismic Knowledge. In this article you'll find a compilation of the major changes, updates and improvements included in this update. While this article details all major changes, it is not exhaustive.

🚨 Changes are effective as of October 3, 2022 🚨

You needn't take any immediate action. Your content has been automatically migrated to its new home.


  • Ollie: Retired at the top of his game. He's spending more time with his family and has reportedly taken up landscape painting.

  • Slack: The slash command /ollie has been replaced with /knowledge

    • /ollie will still work for the time being

    • If your admin updates your Slack emoji pack, you'll see new emojis pop up when knowledge suggestions are made in Slack.

  • Chrome: No more Lessonly, no more Ollie, just Seismic.

  • In the Web: URLs will now read 👉

    • will redirect

Recommended Action Items

  • Update the emoji pack in Slack

  • Notify your endusers about the brand update

  • Update Knowledge bookmarks; the domain is now

  • Want to download these highlights in a one-page PDF? Click here!


Lessonly Knowledge is now Seismic Knowledge. As part of Lessonly's acquisition by Seismic, we are rebranding from Lessonly Knowledge to Seismic Knowledge. Anywhere you see the Lessonly logo and branding today, you will see the Seismic logo and branding starting October 3rd, 2022.

Navigation Improvements

“Requests” are Now “Inbox”

The capabilities of this feature have not changed, but Inbox better captures the function of this tab. Inbox is the home for all request types that live within Knowledge.

FAQs and Wikis are Now “Content”

In an effort to simplify the user experience, we've moved Knowledge's unique content types under one roof: Content.

Other Navigation Improvements

  • Settings Moved. The wiki-like navigation in the Knowledge sidebar has been removed. Since the sidebar no longer exists, all settings, including group and user management, have moved under the “Welcome, [Your Name]" toolbar.

  • Linking and Public Facing Content. Because FAQs didn't have a URL associated with them, only Pages/Books could be public-facing. With this update, you can link directly to FAQs and Guides, and make either one public-facing. 🙌

  • Content Triggers on Guides. We recently added the ability to map FAQs to certain URLs. When users navigated to these websites, FAQ content would be triggered and automatically served up in the Seismic Knowledge browser extension. These triggers are now available for Guides, too.

Content Authoring Improvements

We did extensive research over the past 8 months on what content authoring should look like within Seismic Knowledge, and we relied on your feedback during this process. As a result, we've completely rebuilt our authoring experience from the ground up.

Books > Chapters > Pages

Our long-form content type, Pages, are now called Guides. A guide is a tutorial, a step-by-step process, or a snippet of reusable information that client-facing teams can access in the flow of work. Guides live alongside FAQs within the “Content” tab and can be organized using folders. Folders are only for visual organization and cannot be nested.

  • All content in the root of a Book will be automatically moved into a new folder with the Book name.

  • All content in a Chapter will be automatically moved into a new folder with the Chapter name. Chapter folders will sit side by side at the same level as Book folders since any nesting has been removed.

Content Permissions

  • For both FAQs and Guides, permissions are now set at the content level. If you want to assign a user, a group, or a Slack channel to any content, this is now done on each FAQ or Guide. Folders do not have permissions or controls.

  • All Guides (formerly Pages) will inherit the permissions of the Book they were in.


We completely rebuilt the FAQ and Guide content editor for a more stable and robust experience.

  • Added: tables, dividers, emojis, undo/redo, strikethrough, and colors

  • Removed: Unsplash, Giphy, and Google Drive integrations

💡 Note: Previously added images, GIFs and embedded documents will still exist.

Product Documentation

Click here to download top-to-bottom documentation of Seismic Knowledge in PDF format. 58 pages of tech docs goodness! Pour a cup of coffee and settle in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Lessonly Knowledge Chrome extension still work?

A. Yes! The Chrome extension's features and functionalities are intact; only the branding has changed. You will need to refresh the extension's permissions, however. Locate Seismic Knowledge in your Chrome Extensions menu (look for the 🧩 icon in the toolbar), then grant the extension permission to read and change site data.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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